Pan Danubia

— Essay about a Viennese area


This is project about the space between old and new Danube. The island-like, by water enclosed area is a place of extremes and a kind of buffer zone between Cis- (west) and Trans-Danubia (east). A variety of different economical, social and cultural interests co-exist unlike in the rest of Vienna.

Background: The island has its seeds in the next to last century (around 1875) when the Danube was regulated and the hinterland was made flood-save by the Hubertusdamm. Next to the initially founded allotment gardens, the Danube Tower was built in 1962. Soon to be surrounded by the
Danube Park which was created in course of the international horticultural show in 1964. Since then, the area was part of the urban development plan and in 1979 the Uno City opened.

Today this place is home of Vienna's Manhattan: tall, shiny office buildings next to the Uno City, Vienna International Center and the Danube Park with the Danube Tower. In front there's the amusement strip 'Copa Cagrana' including the Danube Island. In the north there are still countless allotment gardens and the south is part of the residential area of Kaisermühlen, accompanied by the Gänsehäufel, the biggest Viennese lido found in 1907.

Despite of interests appearing incompatible, the room is considered as common property and place to meet. It's a place where one rather goes to than comes from. Quasi a no man's land between east and west Vienna. Local recreation area, hobby garden or working place.