Thank you, 2018!

2018 was such a fantastic year full of great people, challenging assignments and some awesome traveling! I spent some really funny nights in Budapest checking out the local bar scene for Virtuoso Life Magazine, chased up the guys of Magyar Narancs magazine for MONOCLE, met smart Fatima Bhutto of Pakistan and showed her around Vienna for Condé Nast Traveller India, had a glimpse behind the scenes of the Vienna state opera seamstress & costume archive for MONOCLE, drank at least 5 coffee’s with female conductor Nazanin Aghakani for Datum - Seiten der Zeit, was a bit larksome and put Oscar-nominated actor Peter Simonischek in a bush for schau Magazin, listened to the stories and learned something about history from Friedemann Derschmidt for LaCroix, had a laugh with the always bright owner of Zum Schwarzen Kameel, Peter Friese for MONOCLE, went on a top secret shop opening mission for Apple Inc., tasted (and photographed) Marillenknödel and Most for Niederösterreich Werbung, shared some thoughts on politics with scientist Timothy Snyder for El País Semenal, thought a second about stealing the 120k jewelry the guys from DIVA magazine put in front of my lens, struggled to inflate and fix golden balloons outdoors in the wind for DATUM - Seiten der Zeit, ate so much tasty food that my belly hurt while shooting food for BILLA, ADEG and PENNY and went to wonderful Paris to spend a couple of fine late-summer days to see what’s up after dark for Virtuoso Life Magazine. And so much more I just can’t get it all listed here - check out the tearsheets!

Stefan Fuertbauer